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Protecting Seniors Through Education

Updated: Mar 12

The Chickahominy Area Triad is part of a national, state, and local program focused on reducing crime against seniors.    In Virginia, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) sponsors all Triad organizations.

Our overall organizational goals have not changed; we will continue working toward increasing our organizational membership by 50% and our male membership by 100%.  In addition, we will continue to provide refreshments for members and guests during all Triad functions.  In 2024, the organization will sponsor, and host two (2) events focused on our community seniors, their participation and subsequent organizational membership.  The Triad recycles the informational crime prevention/awareness materials (published by the AARP, AAA, etc.) in addition to those adverts that are disseminated by Federal agencies, Office of the Attorney General (OAG), New Kent County Sheriff Office, and Charles City County Sheriff Office.  In 2023, the Triad participated in six (6) county events, educating community residents on how to protect themselves. 

The success of our efforts will be monitored and evaluated based on meeting attendance, new contacts, new memberships, website, and Facebook visits and random surveys and feedback from our membership, law enforcement agencies and community partners.  Several measurement graphs or charts are attached.  

The Triad is currently to procure cellular phones and associated services, reduced phone rates, where applicable, and sight and hearing devices, etc.  We understand that criminals will attempt to gain their targets’ trust and may communicate with them directly via computer, phone, and mail, or indirectly through the TV and radio.  Therefore, one of the Triad’s goals is to educate our seniors and counter the scammers’ attempts.  Therefore, we’ve implemented a monthly crime prevention and educational awareness Facebook and Website campaign to keep seniors informed and safe.  Without Dominion Energy’s charitable contribution, this undertaking would be impossible.  


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