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You've Come to the Right Place -- "Scam Awareness is Our Business

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Triad Conference 2023                            50/50 Raffle Winners                         Charles City Hospitality 
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                 Bingo Session                                         Everyone Loves Bingo                  Another Happy 50/50  Winner
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Scam - Fraud Reporting             Agencies

Internal Revenue Service

Virginia Adult Protective Service

United State Postal Service


Better Business Bureau


Elder Rights 

American Banking Association

Homeland Security

Virginia Navigator

Other Triad Organizations

Virginia Triad Programs

Files of Life Program

Yellow Dot Program

Five Wishes Program

Triad Program Manual  

Heading 6
     New Kent Fair Participants                             Enjoying the Holiday Season                New Kent & Charles City Joining In
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       Door Prize Drawing & Winner              Enjoying Each Other's Company
OAG Staff's Participation
           "Spring Fling" Exhibitor Row                                 "Spring Fling" Relaxing                     "Spring Fling" Taking Care of Business
     "Spring Fling"  Exercise Activities                         "Spring Fling" Dining at its Best                  "Spring Fling"  Exercise, Can't Stop 
          Our Sponsors
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Educational Efforts

The community, and not just seniors are invited to join, participate and become part of the Chickahominy Area Triad. Organizational membership in open to and New Kent County or Charles City County resident.  Our organization meets on the 3dr Wednesday of every other month at 2:00 p.m., with the meeting's location alternating between New Kent County and Charles City, County.  

The Triad invites local speakers to each of it meetings to speak on subjects and topics that relative to the audience's interest, such as, avoiding becomeing a victim, fraud, scams, home security, fire safety, Medicare and elder abuse prevention, etc. 

Programs and Activities

  • Spring & Fall Events: Senior health, saftey and fellowship events are held to educate our seniors and have a little fun.

  • Active Aging Week Event: Held in September to celegrate active aging.

  • "Not Forgotten" Wellness Calls: The program was established to check on community senior citizens and homebound residents at least three times week.

  • Triad Fundraising Events: These events are held throughout the year.  All funds raised from these events are used to develop and/or procure additional crime prevention educational tools and host future senior fellowship gathering.  

    Be Cautious - Be Smart - Stay Protected 
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